What We Believe

God has given us the Bible. In it, we can know everything we need to know about God himself and life itself. We want the Bible to be the first place we turn to and the place we never leave.

There is one God, a unique Community of three Persons; Father, Son and Spirit.

God the Father is the Creator of everything and Designer of man’s rescue. He rules over all things, all good things come from him, and ultimately all fame, praise and glory belong to him.

Jesus Christ is God the Son, always and absolutely God. Through him the world was made, only through his work can the world be saved.

God the Holy Spirit loves to show sinners their need for Jesus, work in their heart to love Jesus, and empower their lives to live for Jesus.

God made humanity as the centre-piece of a creation designed to bring glory to him forever. Created for a relationship with God, man has chosen to live without God, and as a result is deserving of an eternal punishment from God.

But the good news is Jesus. In an act of sheer grace, God the Father sent Jesus to take the punishment man deserves through his death on a cross. Three days after dying, Jesus rose from the dead, confirming mission accomplished.

This Good News changes everything. When man responds to the gospel – by accepting Jesus as Saviour and choosing to following him as Lord – sins are forgiven, and man’s broken relationship with God is restored.

From the moment someone chooses to believe the good news, their status before God is irreversibly and eternally changed. God and man, though once enemies are now family. From that moment on, God the Holy Spirit begins a work in a believer’s life to transform a believer’s state – their speech, attitude and actions – to make him more and more like Jesus, and equip and energise the believer for a life in God’s service.

Through the gospel, the God who is a community, calls believers to be part of a new community, the church – God’s new humanity living for their King in the midst of a world that does not know him, love him or serve him. All Christians are called to express their commitment to their King, through their commitment to a local church.

In God’s kindness to his servants, he has given two symbols to his church as reminders of the good news. He has givenbaptism as a sign of entering his new life; and the Lord’s supper, as a sign of a Christian’s continued belonging to, and daily trusting in Jesus.

After rising from the dead and appearing to many people, Jesus Christ physically returned to Heaven promising to one day return. One day he’s coming back to judge the world, gather his people and reign forever as King over a restored, redeemed and rescued world.